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Our smart Outline Builder allows you to choose your headings from multiple top-ranking competitors, to generate the perfect article outlines that are ready to rank #1 on Google.

Get Started

  1. Enter the Article Title, and select the Target Region you wish us to get the top 5 ranking result.
  2. Click Get Headings button to let the system crawl the top websites and scan their heading.
  3. If you wish to get one suggestion from the AI engine, check on Inc. AI Outline button.
  4. Next, click and choose the headings on the left to add to “Step 2 – Add headings in Your Articles”. You may leave it unorganized. You can still add or remove more headings here.
  5. Choose the number of main headings in the article. Our system will create the article outline, which includes sub-headings to cover the entire topic.
  6. Click on Step 3 – Create Outlines button to get your perfect outlines. You may regenerate it to get your desired outlines.
  7. Finally, click on Send to Write Article button.
  8. The system will redirect you to Advanced Mode with the article title and outlines.
  9. Simply clicking on the Write Article button to complete the article.

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