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Power-Up Guide allows you to set different instructions for each heading. The usage scenarios include:

  • Write a customized introduction & conclusion.
  • Change and modify the writing style.
  • Add instructions to create internal links and anchor text.
  • Write a call to action, including contact information.
  • Add custom knowledge and let AI write from there.
  • Tell AI to use specific keywords while writing the heading.
  • Write shorter content, instruct to answer concisely, and add E-E-A-T.
  • Tailors the content to the local audience 

Step 1: Power-up Your Outline

Click set-up Power Up Guide just below the custom instructions. This will lead you to a ready-to-use instruction template. Limit instructions to 600 words per field. 

Step 2: Write your custom instructions

You can add a custom instruction for every heading from your introduction to the conclusion. Note that once you include a custom instruction, your outline will be locked.

Step 3: Use Power-Up Tags

Power-Up tags allow you to customize content using predefined features. Simply click on the desired tag and drag it to the instruction column.

  • {AddAuthorBackground}: This tag includes the author's background, adding credibility and context to the content. It might provide information about the author’s expertise, qualifications, and relevant experiences, helping readers understand the perspective from which the content is written. Ensure the author's background is set in the project setting.

  • {AddExperience}: This tag incorporates first-hand experience, making the content more relatable and authentic. It could include anecdotes, case studies, or personal insights that provide practical examples and enhance the engagement of the readers.

  • {AddQuote}: This tag includes a quote, which can be used to support arguments, provide evidence, or add a touch of authority and depth to the content. Quotes from well-known figures, experts, or relevant sources can significantly enhance the impact of the text.

  • {DirectAnswer}: This tag writes a direct answer to a question using an NLP (Natural Language Processing) format. It provides a clear, concise, and straightforward response, which is especially useful for question-based heading, FAQs, and quick information retrieval systems.

  • {Localize: LocationABC}: This tag writes localized content for a specific city, location, or country by replacing "LocationABC" with the desired place (e.g., {Localize: Dallas}). It tailors the content to the local audience, incorporating relevant cultural, geographical, and contextual information to make it more relevant and appealing to the target demographic.

  • {WriteExtraShort}: This tag instructs the AI to write 2 to 3 sentences. It is ideal for local services, or any content that requires succinct communication without losing essential information.
    * Only works on text paragraph content.

  • {WriteShort}: This tag instructs the AI to write 3 to 4 sentences. It’s suitable for short paragraphs, or concise explanations that provide slightly more detail than the extra short format but remain brief and to the point. 
    * Only works on text paragraph content.

Note: Make sure you choose the GPT4 model for the best result, especially when dealing with complex instruction. GPT3.5 still works, but you may not get consistent results.

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